Not Just Another Bible Study

Not Just Another Bible Study

Life is tough.  Adulting is even harder.  The nice thing is you don't have to do it alone!  I want to welcome you to Collective - A group for life.  This isn't just another Bible study group.  You're not going to be preached at or talked to.  Here, you control the conversation.  You determine the outcomes.  We're meeting to discuss... things... life... experiences... trials... to share how we have learned, as individuals, to handle what life throws at us and to, together, find the Biblical truths that will help us navigate these sometimes turbulent and troubled waters.  Grab a seat and get ready to... relax and enjoy a time of fellowship and learning where we can grow from our collective experiences.

What We Will Discuss

There will be six main topics that will be discussed when we get together.  We'll break it up over a couple of weeks for each topic during a quarter.  

Come prepared to share what these topics mean to you and let's grow collectively!
  1. Our Identity in Christ
  2. Life Leadership
  3. Purposeful Living
  4. Stability in Our Walk
  5. Faith and Family
  6. Divine Direction

Where We Will Meet

Each week, on Tuesday evenings, we'll meet up at Pastor Todd's house.  There will be no hard and fast time, other than we'll be there starting at 6pm.  If you can't get there right at 6, no problem.  We'll catch you up to speed on what we're talking about when you get there.  If you can't stay the whole time, that's fine, too.  We all have responsibilities and obligations (part of "doing life") such as work the next morning or kids to get to bed.  The point is to fellowship and grow.  Life makes enough stringent demands of our schedules.  There may even be times you can't make it.  We understand.  We will always be continuing the discussion online and encourage you to join us there when you can't fellowship in person.  This is one place where you get there when you can and leave when you need to.  We'll be there for you! 
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